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A fansite dedicated to The Walten Files and its predecessors

I'm still a massive work in progress! Patience with me, please.

*I am unaffiliated with the Fandom wikia site for TWF also named The Walten Archives, we simply share a namesake.

What is The Walten Files?

The Walten Files is an indie horror webseries on YouTube created by an artist and animator Martín Parédes, formerly known as "Martín Walls"; It's often considered to be an Analog Horror series à la Local 58 or FNAF VHS. Currently, it consists of 4 main episodes, 3 hidden videos, and a website. There are also two in-character side channels, though their content is mostly tangentially relevant to the story of the central series.

The Walten Files and it's associated website can be found here:


Depending on how you count it, The Walten Files is predicated on at least two projects from from it's creator, which were scrapped before being loosely adapted into TWF. These being the cancelled FNAF fangame Welcome to Bon's Burgers and the cancelled Welcome to Bon's Burgers memorial/pseudo archival The Walten Archives.
Both of these projects, The Walten Archives especially, have been very poorly preserved and catalogued, though I will share what small information I have on them on their dedicated pages. [DEDICATED PAGES PENDING]